Dot and the Dandelion


Miss Havisham Arrangement

I have been wanting to make a winter arrangement from things i have foraged for a while and finally this week i got round to it.

i wanted to make an arrangement based around one of my favourite characters in literature, Miss Havisham. I wanted to create a piece that could be placed in her fading wedding reception .

I went and foraged and found some foliage that worked well with each other. As its January, it was more of a challenge to find foliage that would work well in a floral arrangement. However some of my favourite pieces come out at this time of year, such as Catkins (Lambs tails) and old mans beard. They have such great texture and bring such alternative texture to an arrangement. They also look great on their own in interior spaces.

I added some dried hydrangeas to my foraged collection and also some reeds that i had dried earlier.

Flicky Wallace